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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Navigating the web

Web browsers give you the ability to view and browse HTML pages found on the internet or your corporate intranet. Strata provides you with the same tools so that you can access the web and your data in context. This section will look at the tools provided to navigate the web.

Using Navigation Controls

The most common controls for navigating web pages in Strata are on the Navigation Toolbar.


URL Bar/Address Bar/Location Bar

The most important tool for navigating web pages is the URL Bar, also known as the Address Bar or Location Bar. This is the place where you can enter your web pages (e.g., http://www.kirix.com). Enter the web page you wish to go to and then click the Enter button to load the page.


On the left of the URL Bar is a Home icon, which will take you to your home page. By default, this is set to one of the Kirix help pages. However, you can set this to something else by selecting Options from the Tools menu, which will pop open an Options dialog. Select the General tab and then change the Home Page accordingly.

Back and Forward

The two arrows on the far left of the toolbar are the Back and Forward buttons. These give you the ability to go back and forward when you are browsing a series of web pages.


Refresh is the blue icon next to the Forward arrow. When you are on a web page that needs to be refreshed, click on this icon to reload the page.


The stop sign icon is used to stop the loading process of a web page. For instance, if your web page appears to have trouble loading, you might select Stop and then try Refreshing the page.


The Star icon, located next to the URL Bar is for adding Bookmarks.

Quick Find

To the right of the Bookmarks icon is the Quick Find control. You can enter phrases into this Find control to search for words on the web page you are browsing. Click here for further information about using Quick Find.

Changing Views

The furthest icon on the right is the Toggle View button. You can change the view of your web page to either the standard browser view (Web Page) or to the code underlying the web page (Source View). To change views, either toggle the View icon or simply select the desired view from the View menu.


Though not on the navigation bar, please note that you may print any Web page by selecting Print from the File menu.

Using Tabs

To open up a new blank web page, click on New > Tab from the File menu. Alternatively, you can select New > Tab from the New icon on the Bookmarks Toolbar. You can then enter a web address into the URL bar to open a new web page.

Strata uses tabs to display all document types, such as
web pages, data tables or reports. You can open up multiple tabs and switch between them by selecting the tab. Additionally, you may arrange your workspace by dragging the tabs around the screen. For instance, if you wanted to view two web pages at the same time, you could drag one tab to the bottom of the screen when a blue "hint" box will appear. Release your mouse and the two tabs will be tiled horizontally.

Reference: http://www.kirix.com/help/docs/index.html?navigating_the_web.htm

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